Coronavirus / COVID-19 and Temporary Suspension of our Church Services

5/1/2020 UPDATE – Our temporary suspension of services has continued as the Illinois governor has extended the “stay at home” order–now through May 30th.  We continue to monitor news reports and updates both at the state and local levels.  While our public services are suspended, we will continue online streaming of services on Sunday mornings.  For information regarding these online services, visit

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So much can change in a week’s time; can’t it? Last Friday (3/13), we sent out a message stating we would continue having church services as usual. Since then, the men of the congregation have continued to watch and listen to news reports, pray, and discuss among ourselves how our response may need to change as things develop and we learn more. Additionally, we have spoken to many of you to learn your thoughts and concerns regarding the current situation. As opposed to knee-jerk or fearful reactions, we have endeavored to temper our judgment with wisdom based on what we know, and that brings us to today.

Yesterday afternoon, the Illinois governor issued a “stay at home” order for the entire state. The order goes into effect today (Saturday), 3/21 at 5PM and remains in place through at least Tuesday, April 7th. This is a broad order that affects all types of gatherings (not just church services). As the name of the order implies, the purpose of it is to reduce the spread of the virus by requiring people to stay home.

Because of this order and because of the increased number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the area, we have decided to suspend our church services at the building until further notice. During this period of no services, we encourage you to pursue home-based worship through song, study, and prayer to the Lord—at least during times we would normally gather with Christians (Sundays & Wednesdays).

Also during this time, we will explore ways to provide edification and encouragement via online means such as Facebook Live. More information will be coming as well as information and helpful tips for conducting worship at home.

We know these are trying times, but we also know that our Lord is mighty—and He is good, always. Please continue to pray for one another and those on our prayer list. Pray for those in the various medical fields who continue to help the sick and research treatments (among our own congregation and friends, we have several). Pray for our leaders at all levels of government. Pray for our world.

Peace to you all.

Who Are These People?


Hey there! We’ve noticed that folks who have lived in Clinton for years don’t know much about the church of Christ. Well, we want to change that, and it’s one reason we’ve been sending out the House to House / Heart to Heart paper to our community.

So, what is the church of Christ all about?

In a nutshell, members of the church of Christ just want to follow the teachings of the Bible—nothing more, nothing less. This is the fundamental difference between us and our religious neighbors. Many religious groups submit to creeds, confessions of faith, mission statements, or decrees from human leaders.

But we don’t. We just have the Bible.

After all, we first learn about God, sin, heaven, hell, and other religious topics from the Bible, so why would a person need anything more? Why not go straight to the source and stick with it?

Call us crazy, but we believe that only the Bible will make Christians as God intended. We also believe that the religious unity that Jesus wants (John 17:20-26) can only be achieved by following the Bible and the Bible alone. Isn’t this the safest and most reasonable approach to take? (Check out Gal. 1:6-9 and Rev. 22:18,19.) If God’s desire for unity was fulfilled on Earth today, there would not be a multitude of churches in our community. Rather, there would just be one, and it would just consist of Christians using the Bible as their only guide!

And that’s all we want to be. Just plain and simple Christians—-in word, in deed, and in worship—-like the first-century Christians we read about in the New Testament.

If there is any way we may assist or serve you, please contact us or visit during an assembly. We hope to meet you soon!